International Summit on Advanced Cardiovascular Sciences

may 17-18, 2024

International Summit on Advanced Cardiovascular Sciences

2nd Health Sciences Research Symposium

2nd Cardiology Academic Meeting CMMG

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The International Summit on Advanced Cardiovascular Sciences (ISACS), set to take place on May 17th and 18th, 2024, is dedicated to fostering global connections, enriching knowledge, and staying at the forefront of cardiovascular sciences. Step into the Faculty of Medical Sciences legacy, an institution steeped in 73 years of history. Our mission is to lead the way in medical education, shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and excellence. Join us as we unite experts worldwide to explore the latest advancements in this vital field.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to register for the International Summit on Advanced Cardiovascular Sciences! We offer three registration phases:

Early Bird Registration (March 25th - April 9th)

Students (Undergraduate or Graduate): R$ 50.00
Professionals: R$ 100.00

Standard Registration (April 10th - April 23th)

Students (Undergraduate or Graduate): R$ 70.00
Professionals: R$ 150.00

Late Registration (April 24th - May 16th)

Students (Undergraduate or Graduate): R$ 90.00
Professionals: R$ 250.00

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Call for Abstracts

We invite submissions of original research and systematic reviews on topics related to cardiology for presentation at the International Summit on Advanced Cardiovascular Sciences. Please note that we will not accept narrative reviews. Abstracts will be integrated into the event schedule as panels and evaluated by invited professors and medical experts. All accepted abstracts will be published in the proceedings of the Faculty of Medical Sciences journal. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your work and contribute to the advancement of cardiovascular sciences!

We are now accepting abstract submissions until April 26th. Notification of acceptance will be sent by May 6th.

Please refer to the attached abstract template for guidance on formatting and content.

Call for abstracts Register and submit

Program agenda

In-Person International Invited Speakers

Virtual International Invited Speakers

Brazilian Distinguished Speakers

Panel discussions

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on cutting-edge topics in cardiology research. We welcome original studies and systematic reviews related to cardiology; however, please note that we will not accept narrative reviews. These panels will be seamlessly integrated throughout the event schedule and rigorously evaluated by esteemed professors and invited medical professionals. Accepted abstracts will be proudly published in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Medical Sciences (RICM) proceedings, ensuring widespread dissemination of your research findings.

Break-out sessions

Explore a diverse array of hands-on workshops at our break-out sessions during the event. From Intracardiac (IC) procedures to Diastolic Assessment and Cardiology (DAC), Molecular Biology (BioMol) techniques, Arterial Stiffness studies, to mastering Cardiac Auscultation—there’s something for every attendee. Stay tuned for further details on each activity and instructions on how to register. These sessions promise to enhance your practical skills and knowledge in the field of cardiology.


Social activities

An event is not only great because of a scientific level of excellence, but also because of the proportion of social impact it produces.

With this in mind, Cardio Summit promoted Cardiovascular Health Care Week between April 20th and 27th. Around 285 patients from different regions of the city of Belo Horizonte were treated in these actions, which included: measuring blood pressure, blood glucose, functional physical tests, and oral and psychological health education.

The extension actions were coordinated by Professor Raquel de Carvalho Lana Campelo, who had the collaboration of Professors Ana Cláudia dos Santos Pereira, Clarissa Maria de Pinho Matos, Mariana Magalhães Miranda, Mônica das Graças de Azevedo, Roberta Rayra Martins Chaves and Professor Pedro Maciel Vasconcellos Ferreira.

Scientific Programming

May 17th - Friday (expand all)(collapse all)

May 18th - Saturday (expand all)(collapse all)

Venue and Accommodation

The event will be held in the FELUMA Theater at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais, located in the heart of Belo Horizonte. Nearby neighbourhoods such as Savassi, Lourdes, and Funcionários offer a range of accommodation options. These areas provide convenient access to the venue and offer amenities suitable for attendees’ comfort and convenience.

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News and Updates

A section for announcements, news, and updates related to the summit, including press releases, media coverage, and important updates for registered participants.